“Michael Williams not only elevates the fan experience with his fun, witty, off the cuff banter; he significantly augments the experience of our sponsors with his authentic and powerful delivery of partner promotions.”

Kelly Aspegren
Life Time Media & Multi-Sports
Life Time Triathlon Series

“He fully understands the little things of the event, which resonates with the audience. Anyone can read a script. Only the rare few like Michael can deliver a Performance.”

Ken Cooper
Vice President of Endurance
Life Time Fitness, Inc.

Race Announcer
Triathlon, Marathons, 5k/10k


Now in his 16th year with the sport, Michael announces events across the country. Michael travels with the "Life Time Tri Series" which includes the most prominent Triathlon events in the U.S., not mention to world’s best professional competitors.

In 2013, Michael announced for the 14th straight year for the "Life Time Chicago Triathlon", the world’s largest with nearly 10,000 athletes. After 4 hours at the Start line sending off the entire group, Michael then transitions to the Finish Line to welcome them all back.

In the Fall, Michael announces at the "Bank of America Chicago Marathon", a world class event with 45,000 runners. In past years, you’d find Michael at the 22.7 mile mark’s "Nike Motivational Zone", Michael’s task was to keep the energy level sky high, and to engage with the runners for over 7 hours as they passed this critical point in the 26.2 mile event. Along with pumping music and 300+ spectators cheering, Michael’s personalized approach delivered the extra “lift” that 1,000’s of runners needed to carry them to the finish. In 2013, Michael brought that same energy to both the Start Line and the "Final Mile" cheer zone.

Michael ensures the professional image and success of the event from the moment the very first participants arrive. Logistics and instructions are communicated effectively to inform and direct the crowd.

"Michael’s attention to detail is tremendous, and his announcing provided the day’s continuity."

As they begin the course, participants feel the drama and the energy that Michael creates. At the same time, Michael’s friendly banter with the athletes and their fans provide a calming sense to those that may be dealing with the nerves associated to their first competition.

With the right tools in place, Michael can acknowledge, by their FULL name, 100’s or even 1,000’s of participants as they approach the finish line. For those participants that may be struggling to finish, Michael’s announcing rallies the crowd behind the runner until they cross the line… in many cases, with a huge smile on their face.

Having Michael at the finish line will ensure that everyone finishes with a well deserved sense of pride for their accomplishment.

It may surprise some just how much the adult competitors appreciate Michael’s personalized approach. What does not surprise anyone, however, is just how critical this is for the impressionable youngsters that begin participating as early as age 7.

In each of his 14 years with the "Mc Donald’s Kids Triathlon", and the "Fleet Feet Sport’s Supersprint", it’s obvious that Michael makes it a personal challenge to call out as many names as humanly possible. Michael understands that such a positive experience is equally as important to the well-being of the youngster, as it is to the sport itself.

Archive Gallery Always with a watchful eye on the complete event, Michael can be counted upon to deliver timely Sponsor Recognition throughout the course of the day.

While never forgetting that the nature of the event is both competition and fun, Michael’s announcing keeps the excitement alive from the start of registration, to the presentation of the final awards.