Professional… it’s a word thrown around by many, but possessed by few. When you are dealing with Michael you are dealing with a real Pro.

‘Big’ John McCarthy
Broadcaster / Referee / MMA Pioneer

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Cage Announcer
Professional MMA


Michael C. Williams is one of today’s most notable MMA / Ring / Cage Announcers.

Now in his 25th year as a professional announcer, Michael has worked at the most demanding levels of televised fight sports including PPV, NBC, CBS, PARAMOUNT, SPIKE, ESPN, FSN, HBO, SHOWTIME, as well as numerous streaming services and international networks. As one of few Ring Announcers with national / international experience, Michael has been licensed in nearly every state, as well as Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the UK.

In 2010, Michael signed on to become the Ring Announcer for Bellator MMA. Bellator currently airs LIVE on Viacom’s Paramount Network, and streams around the world on DAZN. As one of only two worldwide MMA organizations (along with the UFC), Bellator features many of the sport’s biggest names, top fighters, and world champions. With Bellator’s international expansion, and the addition of professional Kickboxing events, Michael now routinely announces shows in Italy, England, Ireland, Israel (Tel Aviv), and Hungary (Budapest). To date, Michael has announced over 200 consecutive televised events as the voice of the Bellator cage.

Michael’s work in the sport of MMA began as a natural extension of his many years announcing in professional boxing. Michael announced the industry altering “Affliction MMA” series, and shared the ring with some of the biggest names in MMA. The HDNet portion of “Banned” featured the reemergence of Vitor Belfort, and the headliner of “Nogueira vs Matysushenko”. For “Day of Reckoning”, Michael announced the opening portion on HDNet, as well as the full PPV card headlined by the U.S. debut of the MMA legend, Fedor. That’s Michael’s voice announcing the official particulars for the Russian icon’s dramatic knockout of Andrei Arlovski. Michael was set to announce the full PPV fight card at “Trilogy” prior to the announcement of Affliction’s promotional exit.

For the first ever large scale “Boxing + MMA” combined event in the US, Michael was brought in to Las Vegas to announce both of the night’s two separate live TV shows. ESPN “FNF” broadcast the boxing portion of the fight card. Once the boxing main event concluded, an additional ring-rope was added to clear the way for the second broadcast, “A Night of Combat, MMA”.

Michael’s true value extends well beyond the Introductions. Michael always creates the complete event with his ability to focus on the promoter’s organization, the fighters, future events, and the recognition of the event’s venue and sponsors.

Taking it a step further… it’s not just Michael’s work inside the cage that sets him apart.

Archive Gallery The lead up to Fight Night… Michael’s announcing is utilized to add that high-energy MMA atmosphere to the events leading up to Fight Night — Weigh-Ins, Press Conferences, and Media Workouts. Michael not only adds the drama that only a Cage Announcer can deliver, but also takes on the responsibility to communicate event details, drive ticket sales, highlight the promoters upcoming shows, recognize sponsors, and create a feel for the events that are uniquely MMA.

When Fight Night arrives… Michael’s work with the In-House crowd builds such genuine rapport that he can ensure the fans will be on their feet and yelling on ‘q’ at the top of the show, and during any re-sets or critical re-joins from commercial breaks. Michael’s experience allows him to maintain this high energy atmosphere for as long as is needed to ensure that the broadcast has the right look and feel that is so critical to the show’s Producers.