“You continue to be more than just a beautiful voice. You are also an invaluable part of each event’s whole production.”

Caroline Isroff

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Charity Fundraisers


An event’s success can largely be measured by a guests natural willingness to share their positive experience, and further, by their willingness to return next year. Fundraising events are constantly challenged to raise the bar, even in these difficult times. As an organizer you know that this year’s event can make or break next year’s turnout.

With nearly 20 years of event experience ranging from the most lavish formal affair, to the most exciting sporting events, Michael can be an invaluable resource for the success of your event. Michael’s involvement means that your agenda is executed flawlessly, and that your well organized event will leave guests with that positive, lasting impression that is so critical to your success. Michael ensures that your event delivers a purely professional image.

Michael’s impact will be felt immediately as he seamlessly guides the event’s agenda from the moment your guest’s begin to arrive. The Program is helpful, but guests will likely only glance at it, not actually read it. Timely announcements to outline your planned activities will eliminate any confusion, and open the way for the evening’s enjoyment. The immediate benefit is a relaxed, well informed start to the event.

Michael typically adds value to events in a number of creative ways. On stage Michael is the perfect emcee or host for an entire presentation, or, for delivering the occasional introductions of distinguished guests. On the event floor Michael draws attention to increase focus and awareness on critical fundraising elements such as a Silent Auction. And behind the scenes, Michael meticulously works with organizers to ensure that the night’s agenda unfolds flawlessly.

For any successful fundraiser, it all begins with pre-event planning. By bringing Michael in during the early stages, you bring in nearly 20 years of event experience, creativity, and ideas. No event is perfect, and no event lacks room for improvement. Often, it’s the ‘little things’ that you just may have never really thought about that can affect your guest’s experience, positively or negatively. In these early stages, Michael brings a wealth of valuable input.

Your event, regardless of how large or small, should presents itself to your guests as a professional, enjoyable, and well thought out affair. Michael is the natural choice to deliver that successful program you’ve worked so hard to create.