“Michael’s a quality person, as well as a professional.”

Nick Charles, Broadcaster / Announcer
“ShoBox: The New Generation”

“He fully understands the little things of the event, which resonates with the audience. Anyone can read a script. Only the rare few like Michael can deliver a Performance.”

Ken Cooper
Vice President of Endurance
Life Time Fitness, Inc.

“I have worked with Mike on live national television for many years. He is among the few who get it. From his voice, to his timely and accurate words, he is a pro’s pro in every way.”

Joe Tessitore, Broadcaster / Announcer
Boxing, College Football, Horse Racing

“You continue to be more than just a beautiful voice. You are also an invaluable part of each event’s whole production.”

Caroline Isroff

“His voice, his demeanor, his presence — it all adds up to a class act.”

J Russell Peltz, Boxing Promoter
International Boxing Hall of Fame, Class of 2004

“Thank you for your assistance with promoting Planet Hollywood. I will most definitely be recommending you to our customers”.

Maureen Storto CMP, LES
Director of Catering/Convention Services
Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

“In professional boxing he is among the best in the business”.

Art Pelullo, Boxing Promoter
Banner Promotions

“Michael is a true professional. He’s committed. He’s passionate. He’s eloquent. A perfectionist through and through.”

Kelly Aspegren
Life Time Media & Multi-Sports
Life Time Triathlon Series

“‘Professional’ is a word thrown around by many, but possessed by few. When you are dealing with Michael you are dealing with a real Pro.”

Big John McCarthy
Referee / MMA Pioneer


Take a closer look at today’s most versatile voice.

No other individual possesses Michael’s depth and range of experience, and therefore, Michael’s value to your production.

Michael’s value doubles with his creative involvement in show production, agenda / script development, and operations. From stadiums to studios, people to products — Michael brings the diversity to deliver in any environment.

And the voice… that deep, resonant voice. Naturally strong enough to fill the largest stadium, authoritative enough to persuade the most demanding client, and versatile enough to accomplish anything in between.

When excitement, strength, and persuasiveness are critical… this is the voice!

For a closer look at Michael’s diverse experience, please View the Sections below.


Now in his 15th year with the sport, Michael announces events across the country. In 2010, Michael began traveling with the “Life Time Triathlon Series”, which includes the most prominent Triathlon events in the U.S., not mention to world’s best professional competitors. In 2012, Michael announced for the 13th straight year for the “Life Time Chicago Triathlon”, the world’s largest with nearly 10,000 athletes. After 4 hours at the Start line sending off the entire group, Michael then transitions to the Finish Line to welcome them all back.

In the Fall, Michael announces at the “Bank of America Chicago Marathon”, a world class event with 45,000 runners. Having announced at several locations out on the course in past years, in 2012 Michael brought his high energy and always ‘very personalized’ approach to both the Finish Line and the “Final Mile” cheer zone.

Click Here for more Information / Photos / Videos.

No event has more energy than a “Monster Jam” featuring 10,000 pound, car crushing, metal monsters, blasting their 1,500 horsepower engines. Michael has the presence, the booming voice, and the energy to add that critically dramatic edge to world of Monster Trucks.

From the largest stadiums with over 50,000 people at a single show, to a multitude of 10,000 seat arenas, Michael crosses the country every weekend on tour, often times announcing multiple shows in one weekend. In 2012, Chicago’s “Allstate Arena” packed in nearly 50,000 fans over the course of five shows in a single weekend. Michael has announced shows in the new “Cowboy’s Stadium” in Texas, “AT&T Park” in San Francisco, and, several sold-out shows of over 45,000 fans in “Angel Stadium”.

Click Here for more Information / Photos / Videos.

Fundraising events are constantly challenged to raise the bar, even in these difficult times. As an organizer you know that this year’s event can make or break next year’s turnout. With nearly 20 years of event experience ranging from the most lavish formal affair, to the most exciting sporting events, Michael can be an invaluable resource for the success of your event. Michael’s involvement means that your agenda is executed flawlessly, and that your well organized event will leave guests with that positive, lasting impression that is so critical to your success. Michael typically adds value to events in a number of creative ways. On stage Michael is the perfect emcee or host. On the event floor Michael draws attention to increase focus and awareness on… Click Here for more Information / Photos / Videos

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Corporate Productions demand the very best. These meetings, presentations, and studio projects must be unique, interesting, persuasive, unconditionally professional, and measurably effective in accomplishing stated goals. For any Live event… this is the voice! Many Corporate Productions rely heavily upon the effective execution of a script. While some are dependent upon the spontaneous and dynamic ability of the performer. With his Live event work throughout the year, Michael continuously demonstrates his ability to flawlessly integrate into both environments. Nearly 20 years of professional experience as a Host, Emcee, and Announcer means that Michael is unparalleled in his ability to assure complete authenticity in creating the live atmosphere. Michael’s proven track record illustrates his ability to command the needed attention, and deliver on the required objectives. Scripting the production, especially any theme-oriented portions, calls for careful attention to detail. As an accomplished script consultant, Michael’s background translates to valuable contributions to the fine-detail of the event. Go ahead and get creative! Michael is your key to ensuring an entertaining and authentic production to capture and maintain the attention of your audience.